Annual Program

  • Programa anual

    The idea of designing an annual program STEMS from the intention of giving continuity to the work focused on the awakening of consciousness. This format provides the opportunity to consolidate and integrate the contents of each workshop in a consistent and progressive manner.

    The 5 workshops and the retreat in nature that make up "The awakening of consciousness in everyday life" gather the foundations of Irene Goikolea’s work. They also provide the tools needed to explore the multidimensionality of each participant, taking into account the level of development of their different abilities (cognitive, emotional, somatic, interpersonal, spiritual and moral).

    On the other hand, the sense of community and belonging that are generated in an annual format are key elements that support awakening.

    Read the 2020 Annual Program details

Irene Goikolea and her work in the field of depth psychology