“Only when we have the courage to explore in the dark, will we discover the infinite power of our light.” Brené Brown

We create our external reality from the inside through the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what we should do, how we should think, feel and believe. These stories, which emerge from the depths of our psyche and body, trap us in false beliefs that shape our lives in a profound way and keep us dormant within limits that we do not dare to cross. Consequently, we live with insecurity, restlessness and anxiety because we end up losing contact with the roots that give meaning to our existence and that bring us affective and psychological plenitude.

However, as those stories are nothing but our own interpretation of our experiences, we can change them from within and transform our lives to access our full potential. But how can we enter that unknown realm that contains all the answers we are looking for? The art of the transformation of consciousness is an invitation to look within ourselves to discover the unconscious patterns that control our lives and keep us separated from our genuine identity.

This program, which consists of six workshops and a retreat in nature, is aimed at providing you with a map with which to explore that unconscious territory where your authentic identity lies, as well as tools that will help you rewrite your stories with greater responsibility. In this way, your vital and creative impulse will find a way of expression, above the negative aspects that hinder your life (emotional, familial, occupational or economic disagreements...).


The program is designed in such a way that through each workshop, plus the retreat in nature, a cadence is maintained, allowing to integrate and deepen into the emerging contents. That way, along this journey, it will be possible to experience a visible process of transformation under my supervision and accompaniment.

1. WINTER WORKSHOP | 7th, 8th and 9th of February


The first workshop is linked to the archetype of the Warrior or leader. In indigenous cultures, the process of individual empowerment is connected to the expression of this image. The principle that guides the Warrior is to show oneself and choose to be present.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Act with responsibility and discipline.
  • Become aware of the unconscious dynamics that underlie your behavioral patterns.
  • Recover the force contained in the emotions and feelings lying behind those patterns.
  • Access the hidden qualities of the aspects that you most reject about yourself.
  • Develop your ability to become an effective leader.

2. SPRING WORKSHOP | 3rd, 4th and 5th of April


The second workshop is linked to the archetype of the Healer. The principle that guides the Healer is to pay attention to what has heart and meaning to awaken the individual healing potential of love and compassion.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Listen to the thoughts blocking the feelings that connect you to your heart.
  • Delve in the roots of suffering and traumatic memories in order to integrate them and access latent capacities that have not been explored yet.
  • Cultivate gratitude and acceptance to reach compassion as a resource that allows you to build bridges towards the other.

3. SUMMER WORKSHOP | 19th, 20th and 21st of June


The third workshop unfolds under the umbrella of the Visionary archetype. The principle that guides the Visionary is to tell the truth without blame or judgment. The archetype of the Visionary reminds us not to forget our life purpose. Expressing the inner Visionary implies, among other things, knowing and communicating our creative purpose as well as one’s own life dream.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Reveal your genuine self.
  • Reconnect to your gifts, talents and resources.
  • Accept what it is.
  • Communicate with transparency, congruence and honesty.
  • Turn the conflict into an ally of transformation and growth.
  • Empower yourself from the contents you project on others.
  • Develop more positive and healthy interpersonal relationships in all areas of your life.

4. SHADOW WORK | 1st and 2nd August


If we want to live a truly conscious, awake and free life, it is essential to learn to face and integrate all that we have marginalized and rejected: our shadow. The shadow encompasses those aspects of our personality that could not be integrated because they didn’t find a way of expression. Therefore, the shadow usually keeps a vital part that remained hurt, excluded or blocked. The shadow unconsciously acts through the projection that is done on the “other” (to see in others what belongs to oneself).

Integrating and embracing our shadow is an essential step for self-knowledge, which contributes to accepting oneself and the other, as a mirror of all that we reject from ourselves. Shadow work consists of finding the potential underlying our marginalized parts to recover their energy at the service of life.

This workshop invites you to become aware of your rejected aspects to contain them consciously and thus use the qualities of the shadow itself as a tool for empowerment and for accessing your most authentic identity. Working with one’s own shadow contributes also to assimilating fragments of the collective or cultural shadow.

The workshop is also a preparation for those who wish to do the retreat in nature that takes place afterwards.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Become aware of your own shadow, to look at it and to contain it.
  • Access the potential kept in the aspects that you most reject about yourself.
  • Release the energy you invest in protecting yourself to use it to improve your relationships, as well as your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Get out of repetitive dynamics rooted in the past to open yourself to a more creative perspective about the future.

5. RETREAT | 2nd to 6th August + period of integration 6th and 7th August


The connection with nature is the most integrative and healing tool we have. Inside the work of awakening to consciousness, a retreat in nature amplifies its effects. The outside world disappears and nature turns into a mirror in which we can look at and listen to ourselves.

This retreat period is a time to calm down the mind and confirm how nature is a safe space, which contains us and helps us connect with that small voice which speaks to us about our deepest longings.

For this reason, spending four days alone in nature, away from the noise of the world, offers the opportunity to access deeper levels of our being, beyond our personal projections. It is in that space where we can discover our direction or our genuine purpose in life.

6. AUTUMN WORKSHOP | 9th - 11th of October


The fifth workshop unfolds around the archetype of the Teacher. This is a door to wisdom that teaches us to trust in any experience of loss with an attitude of detachment. The principle that guides this archetype is being open to the result without attachment.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Practice detachment from addictions such as worry, criticism, resentment or judgment.
  • Be open to the result without attachment to it.
  • Embrace uncertainty as a gateway to new possibilities.
  • Practice trust as a receptacle of clarity, objectivity, discernment and detachment.
  • Acknowledge and honor the presence of your ancestors as a source of wisdom and detachment.



The journey along the year has been a training to leave the comfort zone and become familiar with our own limits. In this last workshop, once more we will work with those emotions that lead us towards the basic feelings we tend to suppress: anger, fear, sadness and joy. The purpose of this workshop is to consciously apply the power of denied feelings to promote a radical change in our lives.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Recognize in yourself the different sensations and physical manifestations of each feeling.
  • Use the energy of your feelings to obtain responsible results.
  • Empathize with what the other feels to enrich your level of communication and mutual intimacy.
  • Discover a shared consciousness that transcends the feeling of being separated from each other.
  • Activate your potential to develop more responsible and transparent relationships.
  • Find light in the shadow, strength in vulnerability, wisdom and creative capacity in fear, productive capability or leadership in anger, communicative and compassionate capability in sadness and maturity in joy.


A workshop is a safe and protected space in which I work in tune with the relational field, that is, the space that is generated in the interrelation with others. This field, made up of visible aspects, as well as unconscious emotional processes, encompasses beyond the individual. That’s why in a workshop, each participant acts as a window through which not just individual contents emerge, but also collective contents that are closely linked to the most pressing current issues affecting humankind. A workshop opens the possibility to become aware of those issues to be able to transform them and live as individuals that participate in a more awaken and sustainable culture.

Addressing collective contents from personal issues brings a greater understanding and compassion towards the opposing parts, which affects the resolution of the conflicts that prevent us from connecting with our most authentic being. Working with personal conflicts in this way supports the individual to penetrate in different levels of depth, to reflect on past experiences and to visualize the aspects that are blocking their own personal growth in order to open up to the possibilities that emerge from the future and thus contribute to a global transformation.

It is this connection between the individual and the collective what turns these meetings into experiential laboratories for healing individual and collective memories.

The design of the workshops revolves around different archetypes, since they contain characteristics and personal qualities that all human beings share. According to Jung, archetypes are innate and inherited structures that inhabit the terrain of our unconscious. Throughout the history of humanity, these structures have served as learning patterns where we can find the knowledge we need to evolve towards a higher version of ourselves.

The archetypes that inspire each workshop are: The Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary, the Shadow and the Teacher. Angeles Arrien, renowned anthropologist, built up the research on the relationship of some of these archetypes with nature, the seasons of the year, the four elements and the ancestors, as well as their fundamental qualities, their power tools and their dark aspects.

By focusing on these archetypes, its qualities and shadows emerge in an organic and experiential way, in relation to the life experience of the participants, thus conforming an ongoing process along this annual journey. That makes each workshop a unique experience for each participant, as well as a transforming container of the human contents that need be processed and integrated in order to give way to new understandings that contribute to the resolution of conflicts and to an integral well-being.


In each workshop, I facilitate the processes that unfold, focusing on addressing both the visible and subtle signals that the participants emit. Basically, I take into account what is happening at the conscious or primary level and in the unconscious or secondary level, made of what we normally do not perceive in a given situation. This level manifests itself through double signals, synchronicity, dreams, symptoms and, above all, bodily sensations that give access to a wide range of feelings that also need to be recognized and accepted.

In general, we tend to marginalize or ignore those aspects by perceiving them as threatening. This does not prevent them from acting in an unconscious way and determining the quality of our relationships, health or personal growth. However, all of them are the door to an altered state of consciousness from which to extract very valuable information about the field, both at an individual and collective level, in order to acquire and develop a greater degree of knowledge, understanding and compassion.

Through the practice of Mindfulness, or conscious attention, I support the participants to recognize the reality of their circumstances and to come out of the denial of what there is (dissatisfaction, illness, poverty, anger, pain, ambition ...). It is about maintaining in each moment the awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surroundings, without judging, with the attitude of an impartial witness. This is an essential step to walk towards the transformation of consciousness and freedom. The next step is to accept that reality to include what it contains. In line with Jung’s words, “The goal is to integrate all our parts, since what we deny controls us, but what we accept transforms us.”


  • Sharing circle
  • Mindfulness
  • Process Work
  • Shamanism
  • Relational constellations
  • Free and guided body dynamics
  • Systemic rituals
  • Transparent communication


  • To reveal the healing information that physical, psychological, and emotional imbalances contain.
  • To become aware of the aspects of our personality that we consider negative to integrate and transform them into creative energy.
  • To develop interpersonal and relational skills to participate responsibly and cooperatively in all the fields of life (couple, family, work...).
  • To face excluded and unresolved family situations that have an effect in our health and emotional balance, from a systemic and transgenerational perspective.
  • To come out of the continuous repetition of the past (inferior drama) to be able to connect with the multiple possibilities of the future and live with a higher level of connection with the other.


Irene GoikoleaIrene Goikolea, facilitator, integral coach and PhD in depth psychology, has spent the last 25 years working for the awakening of consciousness, facilitating individual and group processes for personal growth and development. Throughout her career, she has promoted a work of conscious evolution that goes beyond our conditioned ideas about who we are, based on an eclectic methodology that includes the wisdom of the ancestral legacy of her Basque roots.

With warmth, depth and accuracy, she encourages us to discover the inherent power, wisdom and compassion that we need to awaken and balance to have a positive impact on our environment and on society.

Irene Goikolea has inspired the Amalurra project.

TRAINING: PhD in depth psychology by the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara (California). Training in family constellations, systemic rituals, shamanism, Integral Coaching®, NLP, Hakomi, and Process Work. In addition, she has been trained in yoga and Reiki, among other disciplines.


“It has really startled me the way Irene knows how to walk you through the most recondite corners of yourself safely and lovingly. I have understood how parts of myself that I was not aware of were acting in my life through fears, prejudices and taboos. In these workshops, I’ve been learning to look at them, discover them and, little by little, accept them. I have realized that accepting those parts supposes to accept myself. This has helped me to act my genuine “I”. I feel more secure, stronger and enjoy my life and my circumstances without putting the blame on anyone. Now I do not expect anyone to resolve my issues.”
Rakel G. (Barcelona, Spain) -Nurse-

“While I'm going through a hard time in my relationship with my partner and my children, I finished this workshop with some hope, acceptance, and what is more important: a will to live. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to move forward.”
Patricia T. (Navarra, Spain) -Architect-

“I’m positively surprised by the depth of the emotions that I’ve been able to experience in the workshop. I can feel how I complete myself whenever I discover and rescue aspects of myself that I was unaware of. The truth is that I like this “I” much more than I expected. I have to admit that my self-esteem has improved.”
Ander J. (Rentería, Spain) -Civil Servant-

“The first time I attended one of Irene’s workshops, I didn't really know what I was looking for. A friend had recommended it to me and I trusted her. Since the beginning, I was surprised by the lack of a pre-established outline. However, everything seemed to flow with ease in connection to the field created by all the participants. Every word, every exercise, every moment of the workshop got etched in my body. It was like being on a fair ride, with my emotions up and down. But I felt totally present and interested. It has been an amazing experience which I highly recommend. It’s something different from any other course, workshop or therapy I have done.”
Mari Mar L.- (San Sebastián, Spain) -Baker and blogger-

“I attended all of Irene’s workshops over the last year and, for me, this has been a before and an after. It is not that I have got rid of all my problems. However, now I have more resources to take decisions or deal with conflicts. I am also more able to admit my mistakes. I feel more beautifully human, less judgemental and more compassionate with my faults and those of others. I’m willing to continue delving in myself because I know that there is still more inner work to do.”
Idoia A. (Bilbao, Spain) –Shop assistant-

“I began to attend Irene’s workshops to complete my training as a sports coach. There was a part of coaching related to emotions which I wanted to continue investigating. The truth is I hit the nail on the head. I don’t know if there are other methods that go so deep into the emotional world in such a firm and safe way. I have already completed an annual program and I intend to sign up for the next one because each workshop provides a greater understanding of oneself.”
Alex D.(Granada, Spain) -Sports Coach-

“I feel good in the safe and protected space that Irene creates in each workshop. She welcomes the emotional state of each participant with gentleness, compassion and expertise. That soft and guided way of looking inside is what helps me open to contact emotions or memories that can be linked to traumatic situations without fear.”
Isabel R. (Gasteiz, Spain) – Teacher


Workshops schedule:
Fridays (welcome and opening dynamics): from 7pm to 9pm
Saturdays: from 8am to 9am, 10am to 2pm, 4pm to 8pm
Sundays: from 8am to 9am, 10am to 2pm


Further info: (+34) 673 681 504 | info@irenegoikolea.es


Hotel Amalurra (+34) 946 109 540
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ANNUAL PROGRAMME (6 workshops and retreat)

  • 1.600€ (advance payment)
  • 1.400€ (students)

Workshop “Embracing the shadow” + retreat in nature and integration sessions: 700€


Overnight €13 | lunch €11 | dinner €11 | breakfast €4 (special price for people registered in the workshops)
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