Group and individual sessions

A session is a safe space in which, with empathy and delicacy, Irene accompanies the client to explore and delve into his/her psychic world. To do this, she takes into account the symptoms, dreams and everyday life signals, as these provide valuable information that allow to make conscious the contents that remain in the unconscious.

The purpose of a session is to become aware of the excluded parts of individuals to promote their empowerment by recovering those missing parts. This process also restores their creative potential, their health and their ability to live a full life.

The sessions are one-on-one and online

Each session is designed to engage in a process of personal growth whose main objective is to discover and transform the beliefs and attitudes that make up the life-quality of the client. To do this, it is essential to sustain an awakened presence about what happens within oneself without judging it. The goal is to observe what happens and experience it fully, as if one were actor and witness of his own life at the same time.

Awakened presence activates the awareness about oneself and one’s circumstances, both current and past. In addition, it offers the possibility of revising beliefs, feelings and images that determine who we are.

As in any dynamics devoted to personal growth, a session can contribute to find parts of our personality that may result uncomfortable, painful or difficult to accept. As one works with commitment, sessions consolidate strategies to observe how we react to those parts when they emerge to the surface, discover the beliefs that created them and replace the habitual patterns of behavior by more satisfactory ones.

This work is based on the reality that if one changes how one deals with the events of life, their quality can change too. For this reason, in each session, Irene begins with of the immediate experiences of her clients. Next, she guides them to discover the contents behind an image, a feeling or an emotion.