Normally, the beliefs and patterns that govern our lives offer us a very limited version of what we really are. Development opportunities arise when those patterns are made aware, revealing our identity. Then, we start to see ourselves as objects, rather than as subjects, and to develop capabilities to work with that “I” (object) more fully, consciously and openly.

Once we can see the “I” that has controlled our lives, we can disidentify from it and begin to become conscious of our thoughts or feelings from the position of the witness who is aware of them.

This private Integral Coaching™ 3-month program will support you to manage and be present in your own development with greater consciousness. Throughout this time, together we will start a trip in which we will work to integrate what you are today in a healthy way to walk toward a new version of yourself.

What are you going to work on?

  • Focusing on what you can change.
  • Liberating yourself from habits and behaviours that no longer serve you
  • Leveraging what you already know and what is good for you
  • Building up a more honest and supportive relationship with yourself
  • Acquiring the necessary tools to address the challenges that you encounter
  • Learning to deal with complex and conflicting situations

The Details

  • We will start with a 60-minute session in which together we will refine your coaching topic (what you want to work on to reach a goal).
  • This first session will provide me with the necessary information to develop a coaching program that suits you. This program will include a series of specific objectives around which we will focus and that will also serve to assess your development from session to session.
  • We will meet for another 60-minute session. In it, we will explore how you usually tackle your coaching topic and will introduce a new and inspiring way of doing it.
  • We will meet every 2 weeks for 4 sessions of 60 minutes, in which I will guide you through the objectives of your program.
  • I will provide you with personalised practices, which you will complete between sessions. With them, you will focus your effort in the correct direction, so that you can achieve significant changes in your coaching topic. These practices can be adjusted as needed to enhance your progress.
  • Between sessions you can contact me via email, so that you can receive all the support you need.