Often, out of insecurity we doubt of our skills, of what we have accomplished in life, even of our dreams. The bad thing is that we get stuck in this state and it becomes a life pattern. Here is where Integral Coaching™ can play an important role. Integral Coaching™ helps us to introduce more healthy ways of being in our daily life, by applying a deeply transformational work that brings a total and complete change as well as a radical development.

A program of coaching is dedicated to the birth and death of who we are and who we believe we are by transcending and including what we can get to be. This work seeks to relieve suffering while facilitating a healthy development as human beings that try of enhance their unique capabilities in favour of a higher version of themselves.

Integral Personal Coaching

What is Integral Coaching™?

"Integral" is a word that means that which includes all, that which is whole. Therefore, Integral Coaching™, according to the ICC school (Integral Coaching Canada) refers to a variant of coaching that is total, complete and integrated. Other approaches are partial and, therefore, do not last. However, an integral approach brings a change that lasts in time, beyond the extension of a coaching contract.

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Integral Coaching includes frameworks and development principles based on the globally recognized Integral theory.

Integral theory weaves together the most important ideas of the main human disciplines of knowledge, including the natural and social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. Due to its comprehensive nature, the integral theory is used in more than 35 academic and professional fields like art, health, organizational management, ecology, economics, psychotherapy, law or feminism. In addition, integral theory has been used to develop a transformation and personal integration approach called Integral Life Practice.

The framework of Integral life practice allows individuals to explore and systematically develop multiple aspects of themselves: physical body, emotional intelligence, cognitive awareness, interpersonal relationships and spiritual wisdom. Integral theory systematically includes one larger portion of reality and interrelates it more thoroughly than any other current approach of evaluation and searching for solutions. This theory has a great potential to treat with success the most pressing problems of the 21st century, because it organizes all the existing approaches and disciplines of analysis and action, allowing the practitioner to select the most relevant tools, techniques and knowledge. (The ICC is the only school endorsed by the Integral Institute, Ken Wilber and the unique that has applied Integral theory as the basis and guide of their programs with a high grade of academic rigor and of practical utility).

(Information extracted from https://integrallife.com/integral-post/overview-integral-theory)

How does the method work?

The Integral Coaching™ method makes it possible to dive under any topic of coaching to see how the client has been approaching it so far. Integral Coaching™ supports the client to identify and work more effectively with beliefs and patterns rooted for many years. At the same time, it accompanies them to develop the ability to move in new directions. The pull exerted by the beliefs that give form to the “old” and known way of being begins loosening as this is worked on more consciously. Meanwhile, new paths are created which allow the client to keep on advancing.

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By actively working in both areas (the way of being based on patterns of the past and the wished results based on the future) it is possible to achieve unprecedented results in short periods of time. This method is based on the principles of the subject-object theory with respect to human development. When clients can see themselves explicitly and objectively, they can shift quickly and radically towards healthier, more productive, deeply satisfying and more expansive ways of being. Therefore, they become capable of changing old patterns that seemed immovable).

How do I know if I'm ready for a program?

Considering Integral CoachingTM part of your process is a good step. The next one is to take some time for the sessions that we'll have via Skype. It is also important to practice every day a series of exercises that will support you to make sustained changes. Participating with enthusiasm in the process of coaching is an ingredient that will help you to achieve a satisfactory result. The unexpected positive effects obtained when you decide to invest your time and commitment in a coaching program also manifest in those that surround you.

How does the Program start?

The first encounter is a one-hour session, in which we will explore your needs and expectations and will determine if it is a good time to start a professional coaching program. Your commitment to start the program will be sealed with a commercial contract in which you will confirm the coaching services requested and with which you will agree to attend the scheduled sessions.

How does the program unfold?

An Integral CoachingTM program is built collaboratively between the coach and the client. This allows the program to best meet the latter’s personal or professional needs. Each program is set to allow the client to make sustained changes. The sessions take place in a space of trust that creates a safe environment. The coach and the client sign a confidentiality agreement whereby both understand and acknowledge the terms of confidentiality.