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  • July 10-14
  • Lilleoru, Estonia

This year, the annual European Conference of Ecovillages will take place in Lilleoru, Estonia, from July 10-14 under the slogan "The wisdom of conscious communities". This meeting is the largest worldwide in which ecovillages, sustainable communities, and anyone wanting to take part in the co-creation of the transition to a more sustainable world can meet.

The Conference will feature experts in sustainability, professionals and visionaries from communities around the world. The organizer community, Lilleoru, aims to tap into the wisdom of conscious communities, in order to forge meaningful connections together, as well as to create practical solutions that can inspire a conscious change in ourselves, in our communities and around the world.

The meeting offers:

  • Presentations, lectures, co-creation sessions and more than 60 hands-on workshops
  • Ecovillage Sustainable Technology Expo
  • Meet the Ecovillages
  • Dance, yoga, and meditation
  • Ceremony and song
  • Special programme celebrating Estonia’s 100th Anniversary

If you would like to participate, register at