“Creating a healthy relationship with yourself
will transform everything in your world and in mine”

Committing with the inner journey that we will do together in the 5 workshops that make up the annual program 2016 is deciding for growing, developing and reaching a more complete and freer version of oneself. The purpose of this trip is to get to the essence of the heart: a genuine quality that we all are and share and that ultimately is the vibration of love.

I have observed that, in general, we experience ourselves far from this vibration. This is not so because we do not feel love, but because we perceive our own sensations, often close to pain, as the only reality. For this reason, I invite you to begin this journey into the heart so that we can experience all our potential and raison d'être.

The starting point is the situation each individual is. From there, we will explore patterns or engrained beliefs that limit and define our life experiences, sometimes unsatisfactory, in order to integrate and transcend them toward a more genuine and less conditioned new way of being.

This goal will be addressed including four perspectives that facilitate change: making conscious unconscious aspects, introducing significant and deliberate actions to generate new habits (alignment), interacting with other individuals and optimizing the role of each person in the systems in which they participate (family, work, friends, etc.).

The Journey

It is designed to last one whole year, accompanied by other travelers. It consists of several stages and a period of retreat in nature. Commitment is an essential ingredient for success. Therefore, before starting the trip, ask yourself where you want to go and if you are willing to not avoid the bends of the road.

The personal routes that will lead every traveler to their goal are outlined on a map not yet drawn, because the trip is unique for each participant. They are unusual and not busy routes that will be defined as we move forward, always supported by the authentic sound of the heart.

This is an intense journey that requires courage and boldness to look at and to embrace different aspects of yourself that you have been rejecting or denying throughout life for considering them unsuitable, grotesque or unpleasant. Therefore, the relationship with other travelers becomes essential, being these the mirror that reflects you both what is true and beautiful and unconscious contents that need healing and integration.

This collective environment fosters opening oneself up and encourages a deeper level of interconnection, authenticity, love, intimacy, enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity and healing, values that expand beyond oneself.

Along the way, you will acquire tools that you could use in your daily life in order to keep in touch with your heart.


Each stage, or workshop, evolves around an archetype, as an image that invites to work and be aware of individual aspects that find an impact and expression in the world that surrounds us. We will also delve in the shadow of each archetype.

1. WINTER WORKSHOP | February, 13 and 14


The first workshop is related to the archetype of the Warrior, or Leader. In indigenous cultures, individual empowerment is connected to the expression of this image. The principle that guides the Warrior is showing up and choosing to be present.


  • Waking up to the competence of leadership.
  • Appreciating the diversity within oneself and others.
  • Developing coherence between words and actions.
  • Strengthening individual responsibility for our actions.

2. SPRING WORKSHOP | April, 23 and 24


The second workshop delves into the archetype of the Healer. The principle that guides the healer is love and compassion. The purpose of this workshop is to awake the healing potential in each individual.


  • Listening to your thoughts as an expression of your feelings.
  • Working transparent and honest communication.
  • Delving into the root of suffering and traumatic memories in order to gradually integrate them.
  • Cultivating acceptance to access the compassion of the heart.

3. SUMMER WORKSHOP | June, 25 and 26


The third workshop is linked to the archetype of the Visionary. Following the way of the visionary allows us to make truth visible. The principle that guides the visionary is telling the truth without blame or judgment. This archetype reminds us that we should not forget our life purpose. Expressing the inner visionary implies, among other things, knowing and communicating one's creative purpose and life dream.


  • Acting from your authentic self.
  • Showing up in life with your gifts, talents and resources.
  • Working on the acceptance of what is.
  • Identifying and communicating feelings as they are.
  • Taking back projections, blame and prejudices.

4. RETREAT IN NATURE | July, 24 to 29

The retreat is an opportunity to spend 4 days alone in nature. The connection to the Earth is the most inclusive and healing tool at our disposal. When working for consciousness awakening, a retreat in nature amplifies its effects. The outside world disappears and nature becomes a mirror for us to look at and listen to.

The retreat is a magnificent occasion for one's physical, mental and emotional renewal and regeneration, for surrendering and for taking a break from our hectic rhythm of life and from the superfluous aspects of routine.

In this solitude, something new may emerge, even an image or insight that can be of great support in order to renew the relationship with oneself, with the other and with the community.

5. FALL WORKSHOP | September, 24 and 25


The fourth workshop deepens in the archetype of the Teacher. This archetype allows access to the human resource of wisdom. The principle that guides the teacher is being open to the result, not attached to it. The teacher has wisdom and teaches us to trust from detachment.


  • Practicing trust.
  • Developing clarity, discernment and detachment.
  • Waking up to the potential of vulnerability.
  • Recognizing and honoring the presence of the ancestors.


In the last workshop, we will consolidate what we have learnt in the previous stages toward integration and completion. At this stage, we are more prepared to love ourselves and start a new journey into the 'We'.


  • Delving into the relational competence linked to the "field of the WE".
  • Learning to recognize in the other the parts that we have rejected or excluded.
  • Integrating all the characters that make up your self.
  • Identifying and recognizing your potential and your freedom to be who you are.


  • Understanding the physical, psychological and emotional symptoms that weaken and disempower you.
  • Exploring unknown inner spaces full of new possibilities.
  • Being aware of your more rejected aspects in order to integrate them and transform them into creative energy.
  • Expanding your interpersonal and relational skills to participate more creatively in your environment and in today's society.


  • Council as the voice of group consciousness.
  • Relational constellations.
  • Free and guided body dynamics.
  • Meditation.
  • Systemic and shamanic rituals.


During the period between a workshop and the next, we will meet via Skype to support the process from an approach of inner work and personal development, always bearing in mind the purpose of this trip: returning to the essence of our hearts.


Irene Goikolea Irene Goikolea has more than 20 years of experience as a facilitator of groups of personal growth and consciousness awakening.

She inspires a work of conscious evolution that goes beyond the old and limited ideas about who we are. With warmth, depth, and accuracy, she encourages us to discover the inherent power, wisdom, and compassion that we need to wake up and balance in order to impact our environment and our society in a positive way.

In her workshops, she creates a space of introspection aimed to release emotions and access denied feelings. She also teaches to face the personal and interpersonal challenges from a psychospiritual perspective.

Irene encourages group and transpersonal leadership integrating the I and the We as part of a whole to be treated for the healing and realization of the individual and, therefore, the community and the collective. She has inspired the project Amalurra, one of the pioneering experiences in Europe of life in community, under the shared desire of personal development.

TRAINING: PhD in depth psychology by the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara (California). Training in family constellations, systemic rituals, shamanism, coaching, NLP, yoga, Hakomi and Reiki, among other disciplines. For further information: www.irenegoikolea.es


"I am impacted by Irene's expertise in guiding you through the most recondite corners in a safe and loving manner. I understand how parts of me I did not know about were conditioning my life through fears, prejudices and taboos. In these workshops, I've been learning to look at them, to discover them and, little by little, to accept them. I have realized that accepting those parts has meant to accept myself. This has boosted my self-esteem. I feel more secure and stronger and I enjoy my life and my circumstances without blaming anyone. Now, I do not expect anyone to resolve my issues.”
Rakel G. (Barcelona) -Nurse-

“While I'm going through a tough period regarding the relationship with my partner and my children, this workshop has given me hope, acceptance, and what is more important: eagerness to live. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to move forward.”
Patricia T. (Navarra) -Architect-

“I'm surprised by the depth of the emotions that I've been able to experience in the workshop. I can feel that I'm completing myself whenever I discover aspects of me that I was unaware of. Honestly, I like myself more than I expected. I have to admit that my self-esteem has improved.”
Ander J. (Rentería) -Civil servant-

“The truth is that I didn't know what I was expecting from my first workshop with Irene. A friend recommended it to me and I trusted her. I was surprised from the first moment because there seemed to be no established script. Yet, everything flowed with ease. Every word, every exercise, every moment of the workshop got embedded in my body. It was like being on a fairground ride, with emotions that came and left, without feeling indifferent or a stranger. It has been an inexplicable and highly recommended experience. It's something different from any other course, workshop or therapy I know of."
Mari Mar L.- (San Sebastián) -Confectioner and blogger-

“I have attended all of Irene's workshops over the past year and, for me, this has marked a before and an after. This does not mean that my life is perfect and devoid of problems. However, I now have more resources for decision-making and conflict resolution. I also find it easier to admit my mistakes. I feel more beautifully human, less judgmental and more compassionate with my faults and those of others. I'm willing to go on doing these workshops because I know that there is still more inner work to do.”
Idoia A. (Bilbao) –Shop assistant-

“I started attending Irene's workshops to complete my training as a sports coach. There is a part of coaching related to emotions in which I wanted to go on investigating. Honestly, I made the right choice. I don't know if there are other methods for delving into the emotional world in such depth and so confidently and safely. I have already completed a full course and I will register for the next because each workshop provides a greater understanding of myself.”
Alex D.(Granada) -Sports Coach-

“I feel good in the safe and protected space that Irene creates in each workshop. She welcomes the emotional state of each participant with gentleness, compassion and expertise. I think that this soft and guided manner of looking inside myself helps me open up without fearing to contact with emotions or memories that can be linked to traumatic situations.”
Isabel R. (Gasteiz) –Teacher–


Workshops hours:
Saturdays from 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sundays from 7:30am to 8:30am and 10:00am to 2:00pm

Retreat in nature:
Beginning: Sunday 24, 10:00am (preparation day)
24 to 28: retreat in nature
End: Friday 29, 2:30pm (integration day)


Centro LoratzeP 944 233 207 / curso@loratze.es
Hotel AmalurraP 946 109 540


5 workshops and retreat - €1550
Payment in advance: €1450

Single workshops: €200
Retreat in nature: €550
Accommodation and meals are not included.


Hotel Amalurra P 946109540
Bº La Reneja, 35, Artzentales, Bizkaia.