Comunidad Amalurra

Comunidad Amalurra

The Amalurra project was born and is still vibrating within me as my own intrinsic impulse. At the beginning of its awakening, this impulse began to manifest in me as a seeking and transforming energy that encouraged me to move it in myself and in others, to materialize it in a transformative scenario and to use it as a tool for growth. This is how this impulse became the founding spirit of the Amalurra communities, which, without being the only ones, have been the most visible forms of its materialization. The communities emerged as a result of the temporal confluence of two movements: mine, which moves me to share both myself and the dream that drives me, and that of others, a collective movement formed by the people who individually felt the symbiosis with this impulse.

As the holder of the founding energy of Amalurra, I felt and I still feel encouraged by the expansive fire of the values that sustain it. That fire has led me to do everything I have done and, without a doubt, it will be the one that leads me to crystallize other ways of materializing it. This has been an immense experience as have been deep the lessons learned in this stage that is now ending. In short, I would like to share both as founder and also a member of this project that, while the communities resonated symbiotically with the founding energy that I carry, the resultant unified movement made us and made them develop and flourish in the direction of that collective impulse that, while taking care of itself, takes care of its participants. However, the moment the personal interest and movement of the majority of the participants separated from the original intention, the paths separated, too.

Now, I have let go of the community projects to continue with the initial impulse that I called Amalurra and create new projects in tune with it..


Next, I will show you the experiences in which the intrinsic values of the Amalurra project have been developed by applying tools and practices aimed at personal and collective development. From this practice, I have been able to extract a deep knowledge based on my own experience as inspirer and facilitator of the Amalurra project as well as on the interrelational experience of all those who have participated in it. This deep knowledge is connected to the inherent values of human beings such as excellence, unity, commitment, responsibility, teamwork, cohesion, resilience, creativity, beauty, care, solidarity or hospitality, among others.

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COMMUNITIES (1993 - beginning 2020)

The best-known materialization of the Amalurra project has been the creation of three intentional communities. An intentional or conscientious community (McLaughlin and Davidson) engages the individual in a cooperative way of life, marked by new attitudes and values, which favors personal growth and self-knowledge within a framework of interrelation with other people. The first community project was developed in the Basque Country. Later, the communities of Caparacena, in Granada and Can Cases, in Barcelona, were born.

Later, the communities of Caparacena, in Granada and Can Cases, in Barcelona, were born.

The three communities have been tangible proof that a shared life provides a broader view that helps to become aware of our unconscious contents.

Our sense of belonging to a family and a people mark the collective nature of our existence in this world. Without trying to extrapolate our experience, or establish generalities beyond what our awareness experiences have been in this regard, I would like to share the findings of the work I have developed with the members of the communities, who have been a reflection, in some way, of their own people.

Artzentales, Euskal Herria

Amalurra in Artzentales, Euskal Herria

Being the first, its hallmarks has been confidence and constant learning along the journey towards the materialization of the original impulse. Created in a short space of time, it emerged from our dedication, enthusiasm, cooperation and commitment to achieve both an individual and collective purpose. This community was the result of an inner work process in which we engaged ourselves to go beyond our limits or conditionings.

Caparacena, Andalucía

Amalurra in Caparacena, Granada

This the second of the three. It was born as a result of the passion and the confidence of its participants in their impulse. Beyond the limitation of their resources, the arid land was fertilized showing all its splendor and demonstrating that a genuine yearning can take us much further than we think. This group felt enthusiastic at the opportunity of shaping the community dream that pulsates in the memories of their collective soul, since their people harmoniously united creeds and cultures. However, their first impulse towards the materialization of the community was held back by a strong tendency to abandonment and resignation, emerging in the face of the obstacles and difficulties along the way.

Can Cases, Cataluña

Amalurra in Can Cases, Cataluña

This community was born as a gateway to diversity with the intention of opening up to a cosmopolitan movement. Its main asset was that they stood up in the face of adversity. Their main challenge was to materialize the community as the other two communities had done before. Their group experience supposed a real challenge because of their deep-rooted individualism, which often hindered their own impulse to walk toward a collective purpose. The Catalan people, whose soul is brave, generous and unifying, carries the fear of conflict as a collective attitude.

Comunidad Amalurra


One of the main purposes of the Amalurra project is to recover the ancestral bond with Mother Earth. Throughout the materialization of the community in the Basque Country, the place itself expressed what it needed. For this reason, we began to work on the recovery and restoration of the terrain, aware that nature was a mirror that reflected our inner itinerary. Our personal introspection processes also sought to communicate with the land we were beginning to inhabit.

Comunidad Amalurra


The hotel complex, Amalurra Ecohotel & Retreat Center, in addition to being a means for supporting the creation and development of the community in the Basque Country, allowed to satisfy two purposes linked to the essence of Amalurra. On the one hand, the attempt to get out of individualism and rescue an ancestral value deeply rooted in the Basque people: hospitality, by welcoming whoever wants to visit the place. On the other hand, it became a platform for evolution and personal development through teamwork and cohesion, which allowed practicing solidarity and developing a sense of belonging.

Comunidad Amalurra


Throughout our community experience, we could feel that putting our energy at the service of that one has committed to generates the help and the necessary resources to achieve a goal, beyond any expectations and logical prospects. Aware that we all have something to offer (time, attention, company, gifts or skills), the knowledge distilled from the communities’ project led me to confirm that service focused on something else than oneself brings a sense of fulfilment and an opportunity to belong. Doing it as if it were a ritual, centers the mind and helps to integrate what is separated within oneself.

Comunidad Amalurra


Children and young people have been active members in our community life. Perhaps they have been the ones who have better integrated the meaning and values of the Amalurra project. As they were growing, Amalurra was growing too and the values that supported the project were being refined. Young people have learned to “live in community” since they were children, developing values such as solidarity, collective consciousness, creativity, teamwork and self-knowledge.

As the basic premise of the community was to know oneself through our relationships with others, community life made it easier for young people to get to know their inner world more deeply and also to learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships. These young people are well prepared for the new world. They have walked a path of personal empowerment, while incorporating the experiences and values of a community life, as well as those of life in society.

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“I don't know if Amalurra will continue to exist after having walked a path sustained by the purpose for which it was born. But, if the project came to disappear, I am sure the Earth itself will save the necessary seeds so that anybody who wishes to do so can extract them and create other interrelated spaces in which to practice the knowledge distilled throughout our experience. If so, the cycle will continue, inexorable, like life itself.”