un brote saliendo de una grieta


  • December 21st, 22nd and 23rd
  • 14th (evening), 15th (all day) and 16th (afternoon)
  • Hotel Amalurra
  • Tl 673 681 504 // info@irenegoikolea.es

The journey along the year has been a training to leave the comfort zone and become familiar with our own limits. In this last workshop, once more we will work with those emotions that lead us towards the basic feelings we tend to suppress: anger, fear, sadness and joy. The purpose of this workshop is to consciously apply the power of denied feelings to promote a radical change in our lives.

We will learn how to find light in the shadow, strength in vulnerability, wisdom and creative capacity in fear, generative ability or leadership in anger, communicative and compassionate capacity in sadness and maturity in joy.


  • Learning to recognize in oneself the different sensations and physical manifestations of each feeling.
  • Using the power of our feelings to obtain responsible results.
  • Learning to feel what the other feels to enrich the level of communication and intimacy with him or her.


Further information +34 673 681 504 // info@irenegoikolea.es

Accommodation: overnight €13 / lunch € 10 / dinner € 10 / breakfast €4
Hotel Amalurra +34 946 109 540 // amalurra@amalurra.net
Hotel Amalurra +34 946 109 540
Bº La Reneja, 35, Artzentales, Bizkaia


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